7 Reasons Custom Cookies Make the Best Gift


Running dry of ideas for special gifts when the holiday season or special occasions roll around? Sometimes, it may be time-consuming and difficult trying to figure out the best gift to make an impression or express your sincerity. These days, off the shelf gifts are way too common, but hey! We’ve got a unique personalised gifts idea that will be suitable for any celebrations, occasions and events under the sun –  C O O K I E S! Yes, you’ve read right. You can now personalise cookies as gifts that will surely wow that special someone.

Here are 7 reasons why customised cookies make the best gift!


1. Send A Message Uniquely

Image: Teachers’ Day Cookies

With the power of icing and fondant, you can personalise nearly anything on a cookie! Pipe your recipient’s name on the cookies for that personal touch. Have something important to say or ask? Write a cute message or ask an important question on a pretty decorated cookie gift wrapped in a lovely kraft gift box. This is a unique way to mark a special occasion or show someone you’re thinking of them, and the best part? They get to enjoy the delicious cookies after.


2. Cookies Taste Amazing

Image: Pastel Donut Cookies

Who can say no to cookies or donuts, or donut cookies? They fit any celebration both casual and formal, but seriously you don’t really need a reason or an occasion to enjoy a cookie right? Cookies taste awesome and are great for any time of the day with coffee, tea, milk, hot chocolate or any drink at all (except wine, maybe?).


3. Endless Ways To Decorate

Image: Animal Party Cookies 

Image: Robocar Cookies 

Plain cookies without any fancy decorations, also known as Naked Cookies, are usually more for casual teatime snacking. When it comes to gifting, we typically prefer to present something fancy and beautiful to make that someone smile. Icing decoration on cookies is an art form! Your decorated customised cookies can feature exquisite designs, shapes and colours that may even be fit to be on an art piece in a museum (ok, we may exaggerate a little), but you get the point. Decorated cookies are so pretty it’s almost a shame to eat. The designs and possibilities are endless. Take a picture to keep forever, and never forget how awesome-looking that cookie was.


4. Great Gift For Holiday Seasons

Image: Snowflake Cookies

Is it Christmas? Pick up some of our white Christmas cookies or dreamy snowflake cookies perfectly suited to the holiday season. The versatility of cookies makes them ultra customisable for any seasons or occasions. Bring some artfully decorated personalised cookies to your company’s annual party and everyone will be asking you where you got them.


5. Customisable For Any Occasion

Image: Baby Shower Cookies 

Image: Floral Bridal Cookies 

No matter the type of celebration, you can be assured that you can customize a cookie that will fit the theme. Get the party started with these awesome personalized birthday cookies. Custom cookies also make perfect wedding favours and baby shower cookies at a dessert table. Cookies can be shaped and decorated not just for holiday seasons, but for any event you can think of.


6. People Will Appreciate Your Thoughtfulness

Image: Thank You Cookies

Young or old, male or female, rich or poor, everybody always appreciates a thoughtful, custom made gift. It’s easy to grab something off the shelf at the store. It takes time and effort to put some thought into design and presentation, which is what custom cookies are all about. A great customised cookie will hit anyone right in the feels.


7. Cookies Spark Joy

Everyone loves cookies, especially when the cookies are customised with their names or with a message. Surprise a friend, family, colleague and loved ones with an interesting twist on cookies. It is such a lovely warm feeling to put smiles on people’s faces. Are you ready to spread joy with cookies? ☺



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