Watch how Caitanya @caitofalltraits had fun decorating cookies with her roomies this stay home season. Everyone got so creative with their cookies – The same set of cookie shapes, so many different designs!

The Custom Bites DIY Cookie Decorating Kits has everything you need for hours of fun at home. No mess in the kitchen, No oven needed. Just unbox the DIY kit and start decorating your cookies! Enjoy hours of fun with your loves ones and stay safe during stayhome period!

Video Credit: Caitanya Tan @caitofalltraits

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Introducing The Custom Bites DIY Cookie Decorating Kit! The first of its kind in Singapore.

A one-of-a-kind kit for all occasions! Gifting, Bonding, Fun Things to do in Singapore. We’ve got you covered.
1. Practicing social distancing and staying indoors?We can deliver these diy cookie decorating kits right to your doorstep.
Take this time to spend quality time bonding with loved ones at home doing something new and meaningful together.
2. Got a special occasion and thinking of making a handmade gift? This is just what you need! Design, Decorate and Personalise it.
You’re gonna melt his/her heart (and tummy!) with your sincerity and effort. Make it an unforgettable gift!

Sounds interesting?
Our DIY Cookie Decorating Kit has everything you need for cookie decorating including the sugar cookies, royal icing and even a step by step instructions guide.
There will be no mess from the baking or hassle of preparing the royal icing, so you can focus on the fun decorating bits.

Afraid that you might not be able to do it well and want a guided lesson to get you started?
The Custom Bites Academy hosts Basic Cookie Decorating Classes up to 3 times a week! Just book a slot with us and our experienced instructor
will guide you through the whole process of cookie decorating and ensure that you are equipped to create pro looking cookies for your loves ones.

Cookie Decorating is for Everyone!
No matter whether you’re an experienced baker, or are totally new to baking or decorating.
This kit has everything you need to get started on cookie decorating.
Get your hands on The Custom Bites DIY Cookie Decorating Kits and Cookie em’ Your Way today.


EVERYTHINg you need in one kit