Remember the last time you felt guilty finishing an entire bag of chips?
Why can’t we ever enjoy a good snack that could give us the satisfaction we crave,
minus the extra calories, bloatedness and guilt from unhealthy snacking?

Well, the good news is healthy snacks are actually available, and they can taste good too!
The next time you crave a mid-day snack or something to munch on,
why not consider THE HEALTHIER OPTION?
Low in calories, bursting with vitamins.
Guilt-free healthy snacking is available at the tips of your fingers!

Made possible with our freeze-drying technology
which retains more than 90% of nutrients, fibres and vitamins.
Healthy snacks that are good for your health? YES WAY!

The Custom Bites produces freeze-dried fruits and vegetables which are healthy snacks
containing 100% wholesome natural ingredients – 100% fruits and vegetables.
These fruits and vegetables undergo a special process called freeze-drying,
rather than being baked or fried, all that’s removed is water.
More than 90% of lovely vitamins and lots of flavours are retained
for a super healthy snack that doesn’t compromises on taste,
perfect if you’re looking for something that strikes the balance between delicious and nutritious.

Available in 4 popular flavours – Strawberry, Peach, Mushroom and Hearty Mix.
As no sugar is added, expect a tinge of berry sourness from the Strawberries – a hot favourite among kids!
Peaches are a little sweeter, derived from the natural sweetness of ripe peaches – loved by all ages.
If savoury snacks is your thing, then you will love the Mushrooms and Hearty Mix which are very lightly salted to perfection.

Suitable for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free diets.
These healthy snacks can be enjoyed at any time of the day,
curb unhealthy snacking or even as a healthy addition to your daily meals.


anti-oxidant • anti-aging


immunity booster • glowy skin


high in protein • rich in minerals


high in fibre • rich in vitamins